Gate Code Update

Effective as of Wednesday, June 24, 2020 both the gate with a keypad from the Park to/from the Resort property (at the east end of Oakwood Ave.) and the walking gate with the key pad into Grand Bend at the southwest end of the park have had all key pad access codes removed. Moving forward, the only code that will function on these two gates is the current gate code (that is also the code for the Main Gate). This gate code will change according to the schedule, as has been the case in the past.

This does NOT impact the main gate.

This change is a result of far too many non-residents having open access to our Park by using old gate codes. We trust these changes will keep our Park more secure. Residents are reminded and requested not to give out our gate codes to non-residents.

Current access cards will continue to function and provide access to the main gate but will not open the Oakwood Resort gate. Residents can use the key pad code or contact Tim Revely for a new access card for the Oakwood Resort gate only.

Thanks to Tim for leading our efforts for enhanced security.

Please watch for another important message in the next day or so regarding our July 5th Association meeting, being held on ZOOM this year.

Warm regards on this first day of a very different summer!

OPAi Executive

OPAi June 2020 Update

The June 2020 Update can be found on the Correspondence page under the Newsletters tab.

OPAi Executive