OPAi Meeting: September 1

The next OPAi meeting will be held on September 1st at 10:00am at the Oakwood Inn.

Please click here for the agenda for the meeting.

Additional documents can be found under the “Correspondence” tab.

President’s Cocktail Party

The President’s Cocktail Party will be held on Saturday August 17th.

Reception – 6 :00 – 9:00pm at 9 Forest Ave (Moore’s – “Barb’s Place”).

All residents welcome – not just the golfers! Based on the input of those attending last year, we will continue with light catering. A small fee of $15/person is due upon arrival, which includes food & refreshments. ($5.00 for children)

OPAi Input to South Huron Official Plan

OPAi Input to South Huron Official Plan — Your input is needed NOW!

Please write a letter BEFORE AUGUST 16th in order to influence the decision before Municipal Council regarding the draft Official Plan.  Comments can be sent by:

MAIL: Municipality of South Huron
322 Main Street South
PO Box 759
Exeter, Ontario  N0M 1S6

EMAIL:  planning@southhuron.ca

FAX:  519-235-3304

OR DELIVER IN PERSON – 322 Main Street South, Exeter

Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated volunteers, there are two documents to help you shape your letter.  We have been advised NOT to use a template as this does not appear as genuine.  Please choose any or all of the 10 points for your letter.

A short version of the 10 points in a one-page format from which you can select the ones you wish to highlight.  Thanks to Geoff Donaldson for putting this together.

A detailed analysis of the 10 Key Points we want to make.  Thanks to Marissa Vaughn for putting this together.

Show your support for our position by attending the Public Meeting to be held Monday, August 12 at 6:00 pm at the South Huron Council Chambers in Exeter at 322 Main Street South.  There will be several presentations made, but Council will not be making their decision until a later meeting

Lastly … please make sure your septic system is in good working order!

Nancy Dubois


Please click here for OPAi Key 10 SHOP Points Short Version Aug 6 2013

Please click here for Detailed Key Points for SHOP Aug 6 2013