2015 Spring Newsletter

Our 2015 Spring Newsletter can be found under the “Correspondence” tab.

Student Casual Help: Cameron Hale

I’m an OPA resident at 4 Forest Ave., available for odd jobs until Labor Day.

I have experience both indoor and out door work from painting to power washing, heaving lifting, garden work etc.

My rates are: $15.00 per hour min 3 hours.

Please contact me at:
Cameron Hale
4 Forest Ave.
416-579-8311 Text or Cell
519-238-8179 Cottage

South Huron Council Special Meeting: May 11th

There will be a Special Meeting of South Huron Council at the Exeter Town Hall on May 11th at 6pm.  While a specific agenda has not been released, the meeting is for the purpose of receiving information and discussing water and wastewater systems, related costs, revenues and reserves in South Huron.  

We encourage all who are able to please attend this Special Meeting.  This is the first opportunity to demonstrate to the new Council our engagement and concern with regard to Municipal issues effecting or potentially effecting us. It could be that questions from the public will also be addressed. 

Your OPAI board and members of OPEC are working hard to ensure Council is aware of our ongoing opposition to any unnecessary expenditures and to ensure that we are not unfairly charged for any new infrastructure related to the new sewage treatment plant.  As always, we will stand behind the overwhelming vote of the OPAI members against an unwarranted sewage collection system in the Park. 

Your presence at the Council Meeting would be of great assistance to us in clearly demonstrating that we are paying attention and will continue to do so.  It’s also, an opportunity to see newly elected Councillor Vaughan in action, and to get to know the new Mayor and other new Councillors. 

Hope to see you there!

Jim Collez, 
President OPAI