OPAi Board Meeting: May 15th

The next OPAi Board meeting will be held on May 15th.

Please contact the appropriate board member if you wish to bring an issue of concern to the attention of the board for our review.

OPAi Executive

Park Winter Maintenance

A reminder that the properties in the Park are inspected regularly throughout the winter and all is well at this point!

OPAi Execuitve

Nov 25th Consultation Meeting of OPA members concerning possible changes of Oakwood Ave Beach Access:

There were approximately 30 OPA Residents in attendance.  It was a very positive meeting by a very engaged audience with many good comments and constructive ideas offered.

A draft report is being prepared, which will summarize the findings arising from the Consultation at the meeting.

The OPAi Board will review any findings, results or recommendations this spring for further review and discussion at the July General Meeting.  This may lead to a vote as to changes (if any) to this and other Beach access ways in the Park.

OPAi Executive